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Welcome to our Spring Series Page!

Here you will find information about the guest authors that will be posting content on this site for our “Bringing Spring into your Homeschool” Series. You’ll also find links to their own blogs and their social media handles. Make sure to read their bios and blogs as all these women have amazing stories to share.

Don’t forget to check out the most recent posts below. They are in order from oldest to newest.

Series Guest Posts

Learning About Bulbs – An Introduction and Experiment

Spring is finally here in Northern Virginia and after a weekend of planting flowers in our front garden, I couldn’t help but see the excitement in my oldest sons eyes as he asked me question after question about flowers and how they grow. What better way to introduce growing flowers than to a curious boy who is eager to learn. To add a twist to this learning experience, I chose to teach my son about bulbs rather than using the traditional seed growing science lesson.

Spring Fever

Looking for a cure for spring fever? The answer is right out the back door. Turn your homeschoolers loose outside to enjoy the change of the season. Worried about what plans to make for outside adventures? That is the best part. There are no plans! Let them be bored. Giving kids time to unplug and recharge with Mother Nature will lead to use of their imagination and creativity. This week, Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher is off the road and on Holly’s backyard swing for one of the first spring days of the year.

To Bring Spring into the Math Lessons or the Math Lessons out in the Spring?

Spring is finally here! I don’t know where you live, but here in Italy spring really took it’s time to come by! We have been talking about spring for a while, doing art or craft projects about spring. We found some cute flowery or full of bunnies sight words work sheets or math activities. This is all great but now kids are eager to experience spring outside! In fact I have the hardest time making them sit at their desk more than half an hour in a row these days!

Our Favorite Place to Visit in the Spring

So are you struggling to incorporate spring into your homeschooling schedule? Well, maybe you are over thinking it! We do so much schooling outside with no extra cost in our schooling budget. A lot of the time we just lay a blanket outside and bring our books and other things and just do our normal days work outside, but I want to tell you about this special place me and my daughter have been exploring and learning about.

How Spring Saved Our Homeschool

Watching the stars in the sky, planting little garden landscapes and hiking trails breathe more life into our homeschool. It seems that every year spring saves our homeschool with it’s abundant opportunities waiting to be discovered. With the birds chirping and snow melting it is getting hard to keep the boys focused on indoor science experiments and endless reading about adventures on the seas. It is time to go outdoors! When the first day of spring has arrived and the daffodils and crocus pop through the earth we know that it is the perfect weather to head outdoors and go for a hike.

Discovering Baby Animals and Eggs, Outdoors Activities and Printable Games

What better time than spring to go outside, explore nature and discover new things about insects, eggs and baby animals. My 4 year old girl absolutely LOVES animals, she can spend hours playing with her cuddles (she almost never plays with dolls), she invents stories, takes care of them, and loves story books about animals (her readers have to be about animals too!). You can check the ones I made for her with really cute pictures of her toys here : “Tisha and the Vowels Readers series”.

6 Easy Steps To Spring Cleaning Your Homeschool This Year

With Spring in full swing all of nature’s beautiful creatures are busy connecting with one another, building and perfecting their nests or homes and helping set the foundations for their families to grow and flourish. We humans seem to be in on this action too. It’s during this time of the year where many of us set to cleaning, minimizing and organizing the possessions in our homes. For those of us who educate our children at home too, this is the perfect opportunity to clean up and plan our homeschool for the year ahead.

Take a Spring Nature Walk

In southeastern Virginia spring is finally springing. I have been waking up in the morning to birds chirping outside, and it is about time! Winter keeps coming back and visiting just to let us know it is still there, but I think it may finally be gone for good. Nature walks can happen any time of year, but spring is one of my favorite times to take a nature walk. You can see here about our nature walks and nature studies. Have you ever taken a nature walk?

20 Skills Children Learn from Gardening and Ideas to Get You Started!

It’s that time of year again and I am so EXCITED to get out in the garden, soak up the sun, and get my hands dirty! It’s the perfect time to incorporate gardening into your homeschool lesson plans. Whether you’re teaching math, science, your core classes, or just some basic life skills lessons, you’re definitely in the right place! This list of 20 ways to teach homeschooling in the garden is PACKED with fun-filled homeschool lessons, activities, ideas and learning resources to fill or supplement your curriculum!

Learning about Bulbs: Results and Conclusion

About four weeks ago, my son and I did an experiment with bulbs (see more here). We dissected and talked about the different parts of a bulb. We then forced them to grow in glass vases. Needless to say I was very surprised how quickly the hyacinths grew and bloomed. From the day we “planted” them, it only took 7 days for them to get to full bloom! During this week long experiment, my son and I made observations about the bulbs growth along with others. There were some interesting discoveries that I came to analyze and took note of.

We brought a Spring cooking class into our homeschool this week!

My daughter and I were playing outside the other day.. We were having a blast and noticed we had TONS of dandelions in our yard.. What a bother those things are when they completely cover your yard! & they are almost impossible to get rid of.

So why not make lemonade out of lemons.. or rather dandelion jelly out of dandelion weeds? It is a very simple progress, but it does take about a full day!

The Secret Garden’ BY F. H. Burnett – The Ultimate Homeschoolers Guide To Spring

Spring time is a time of new beginnings, healing and growth. From reading the ‘The Secret Garden’ it is clear to me that F.H. Burnett understood the significant positive value to a child’s mental, physical and educational health, when it comes to spending time outdoors with nature. This book is a calling to all parents and educators to let our children loose amongst the miracles of Spring and allow nature to nurture them just like it did for the three little children in this story.

Felt Flowers Quiet Activity

You create them, feel them, you transform them and invent some new species…Hours of fun for little fingers who like to manipulate and have an artistic touch. As a quiet activity or as a fun bounding time with mommy. Felt is one of my favorite material to use for creating educative activities for little ones

Discover the Wonders of Botany through Play

Spring is such a lovely time to get outside, go for a walk and simply enjoy being outside. It’s good for the body, it’s good for the mind and it’s good for the soul.

5 Meaningful Ways to Plan Your Spring

With just a short time left until summer you want to make the last stretch of the spring season count. Since we are short on time I have made a list of that has 5 ways to plan your spring using books and activities that will make this season memorable. It will bring a smile on your face every time you can look back on the memories that you created with your children. A meaningful spring will yield a great education.

Guest Authors

Mary Beth Goff & Holly Giles at The Roadschool Moms

Roadschool Moms© is a weekly internet radio show ministry to connect, encourage and inspire women from where-ever in the world they are. Join Mary Beth Goff and Holly Giles each week as they share parenting and homeschool information from a Christian perspective. Mary Beth shares her adventures from behind the wheel of an RV currently traveling fulltime in America’s backyard. A solo homeschooling mom of four, she pairs education with adventure for roadschool lessons created by the Road Trip Teacher. Holly shares experiences from her back porch in Central Florida. Roadschool adventures at The Giles Frontier happen daily, no RV needed. Together, these veteran moms bring their sweet and sassy personalities to the forefront as they share what is most important in parenting, learning adventures, and life. Their post for this series will be on beating Spring Fever. Check it out here!

Blog: http://ultimateradioshow.com/roadschoolmoms/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadschoolMoms/

Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/road-school-moms/id854587085?mt=2

Rachel at Je joue,tu joues, nous apprenons

(“I play, you play , we learn..”)

Hi , I Am Rachel, I grew up in the French Alps, studied and taught music, traveled around a bit and taught in some schools and orphanages in Africa  and Ukraine . I settled down in Italy in beautiful Tuscany, with my awesome Italian husband. We have 3 wonderful  kids and I am homeschooling them, my boys are 9 and 8  and my girl is turning 5 soon. I want to give my kids a love for learning and a strong foundation in God’s word.  One year ago I started a blog, “Je joue,tu joues, nous apprenons”   (In English ” I play, you play , we learn”)  to share with other moms  educative material that I created for my kids, like readers,  grammar and Math games and activities in French and English. My favorite  teaching approach  is  games and stories.  I  also want to share my experiences with other moms in the hope that it can be an encouragement to them as well as to provide them with resources that can be  a blessing. My guest post will be about trading the worksheets for Math games that you can play outside in the spring sunshine. these ideas of games  can be  adapted to different levels and topics as you follow your curriculum or planned lessons. Check out her post here!

Blog : http://jejoue-tujoues-nousapprenons.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jejoue.tujoues.nousapprenons

Pinterest: https://it.pinterest.com/jejouetujouesno/boards/

Leah at The Outside Thinkers

My name is Leah from The Outside Thinkers. I am an unexpected homeschooler who focuses on nature and family in my homeschool. My homeschooling journey has been going on for four years, and keeps growing everyday with our new experiences. The goal of my blog is to help families create time for the fun stuff in their homeschool. My guest post is about taking a spring nature walk.

Blog: http://theoutsidethinkers.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theoutsidethinkers

Instragram: www.instagram.com/the_outside_thinkers

Sarah at Sarah and Fam

My name is Sarah. I have a lifestyle blog. I have had a very rough past and am finally discovering the new me. I am here to share with you everything I am passionate, everything I am struggling with and everything in between! I hope you will join me in my ventures in life. I am a mother of four children Jeremy, Bentley, Willow & Lillia. Jeremy and Bentley passed away when they were three months old and Willow I lost to a late miscarriage. Lillia is my only earthly child and she is four years old! We still honor all of the babies in our own way and are still learning to cope without them although it has been years. We blog about our life, our schooling, our hobbies, and just share just about everything with you! Watch out for our how to bring spring into homeschooling blogs they will have some awesome freebies!

Blog: https://sarahandfamblog.wordpress.com/

Kristina Peterson at Book Bound

Kristina is a blogger, homeschool veteran, and proclaimed bibliophile. She has towed her sons to book stores where they wandered through the aisles collecting books to read with smiles on their faces. On her blog, Book Bound Boys, her hope is to help you create a love for literature in your home. In this guest post find out how spring brings life to your days with stories and fun activities.

Blog: https://www.bookboundboys.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BookBoundBoys/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kristinap68

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kristinapeterson9956

Sharla Fossen at Minnesota Country Girl

Hi everyone! I’m Sharla Fossen from Minnesota Country Girl. I’m a single mom, blogger, homesteader, homeschool mom, and avid gardener. My blog goals are to educate the public on products that can make our reader’s lives easier. Whether it’s a new homeschooling product that makes learning easier for kids or products that make gardening easier on the gardener. I also educate my readers with how to tutorials and articles. I hope to inspire homeschoolers & homesteaders to become self-sufficient in life and in the homeschool. My guest post is “20 Ways to Teach Homeschool in the Garden.” It will cover all the homeschooling subjects you can teach through gardening and activities you can do for each subject.

Blog: www.mncountrygirl.com 

Email: theteam@mncountrygirl.com

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/minnesotacountrygirl

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mncountrygirl1 

Mrs. Pursuits at One Hundred and One Pursuits

My names Amber (aka Mrs Pursuits) and I am a homeschooling mum of two young boys. As the owner and author of OneHundredandOnePursuits.com I am passionate about lifelong education. I endeavour to share with you our families homeschool journey, what’s working, what’s not and everything in between. I built our website to serve as inspiration, support and guidance to other homeschooling parents, those who are undecided about home education and anyone else who is trying to cultivate a love of learning in their home environment. In this guest post I will be encouraging you to take your homeschool into the great outdoors this Spring season to observe nature’s finest wonders and boost your families educational growth  just like Mary, Dicken and Collin do in ‘The Secret Garden’ By Frances Burnett.

Blog: www.onehundredandonepursuits.com

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/101pursuits/

Dana at Life Led Homeschool

My name is Dana Hanley and I am a home educating mother of six children. Join me for some encouragement to slow down, appreciate the little things and maintain some perspective on why you started this homeschool journey to begin with. I share ideas, resources and snippets from our lives to help you homeschool from life and bring life to your homeschool.

Blog: http://lifeledhomeschool.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Roscommon.Acres/

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