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Included in this workbook are handwriting practice sheets for all 26 letters along with review sheets after each set of similar letters.  Each letter has a basic line formation that is required so the letters are broken up into what line formations are needed mostly for that letter.  With that said, the order of the book is based on the lines from easiest to hardest.  Feel free to go in a different order if you wish.

Basic Line Formations and Letters:

  • Straight Lines – L, T, H, I, F, E
  • Diagonal Lines – X, V, Y, N, Z, A, K, M, W
  • Curved Lines – D, P, B, R, J, U
  • Wavy Lines – C, G, S, O, Q

You can use this workbook in so many ways, from making a booklet, laminating for multiple uses, or just printing one page at a time.  I truly hope you enjoy this workbook and hope it is as helpful for you as it has been in my homeschool.

Stay tuned for more practice with “The Handwriting Workbook: Lowercase Letters Edition” and “The Handwriting Workbook: Number 0 – 20”. Both workbooks will be available before the end of January.

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